Thespian of the Month

What is Thespian of the Month?
     Thespian of the month is an award that is given to a member of the theatre company that goes above and beyond the basic call of duty. In most cases, this person is one who constantly helps out without having to be told to; he or she selflessly acts for the betterment of the theatre company and others around without any desire of reward or recognition. Thespian of the month allows the theatre company to recognize the outspoken heroes, leaders, and helpful hands, in a positive light that inspires other members to do the same.

How does one become Thespian of the Month?
To earn the title of thespian of the month, one must be nominated by another member of the theatre company. A member can nominate another thespian by filling out a Thespian of the Month Submission Form. The form must be filled out and attached to a typed paragraph that states why the thespian being nominated is qualified and deserves the award.

Are there any rules/regulations that apply?
    The member being nominated:
  • Must be a thespian in good standing
  • Must have done something helpful or remarkably outstanding
  • May only receive Thespian of the Month once a school year, but can be renominated each month if he/she has yet to receive the title.    

Thespian of the Month Guidelines

Thespian of the Month Submission Form

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